Wired for excellence

The difference between an organization that can compete deftly in the face of external changes and intensifying competitive pressures and one that cannot usually lie in the way they function. That’s why a keen focus on the quality of business processes is a must.

At Infosys BPM, quality is an integral part of our business excellence journey. Our quality practice has been designed to deliver customer delight with expertise, passion and commitment. We do this by simplifying complex business processes and driving innovations through re-engineering, wiring them for excellence. We understand that each organization and its processes are different. That’s why all our frameworks and tools are tailored to the specific business context of our clients.

Mastering excellence

Our global quality model has been vetted through years of working with several organizations, large and small across the globe. It is designed to achieve sustainable process excellence and leverages leading industry frameworks to drive stability, reliability and predictability in operations. We augment this further with our Be The Navigator initiatives to drive continuous improvements in every engagement.

Quality acts as a catalyst to achieve process maturity and we do this by deploying our Process Progression ModelTM. We institutionalize best practices and knowledge to withstand change with ease and convert it into unique solutions. We leverage data to derive actionable insights which allow us to improve operational efficiency continuously.

Our Quality Model


Key quality drivers

Business excellence
Maximize enterprise-wide effectiveness and capabilities to enhance stakeholder values.

Knowledge management
Manage organization-wide knowledge exchange and collaboration.

Service delivery quality
Exceed customer expectations by delivering high service quality.

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