A significant difference with shared services

The client was facing process standardization challenges as their business entities were dependent upon different ERP systems and more than 70 business tools. These systems were disparate in nature without and lacked uniformity and a Center of Excellence (CoE) to create and propagate relevant standard practices, as well have well defined KPIs. All these drove up operational costs for the client, and hence they partnered with Infosys BPM due to its digital transformation and process alignment capabilities. The Infosys BPM team created a new centralized environment with the use of multiple layers of transformation, including process reengineering, automation, and point solutions, and standardized the existing processes to better realize synergies. The team also conducted a comprehensive location analysis for the shared services center (SSC). The recommended shared services model identified a business case benefit of $50 Mn over a five-year period. Over the same period, a productivity benefit potential of up to 36% was also identified.

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