Business Transformation Services


Powering up human resources

Lillian Hannen, HR Director at a global food distribution company, needed to address the organisation’s manually intensive, fragmented HR workflow. With the lack of process efficiencies causing significant delays in query resolution for over 7,000 employees, Lillian sought a suitable transformation partner – and found one in Infosys BPM. This case details how Infosys BPM’s digital solutions helped Lillian realise a staggering 45% rise staff productivity and 40% improvement in turnaround times, while also delivering overall benefits worth ~£650k.

Approach summary:

  • Integrated a SaaS platform with existing SAP system
  • Built configurable self-service portal for employees
  • Provided employees access to mobile web application
  • Implemented a leading RPA platform
  • Established a manager portal with multiple custom web forms
  • Conducted multiple training rounds for process familiarization

Key benefits:

  • 45% improvement in agent productivity
  • 80% reduction in manual efforts
  • 50% reduction in process lead times
  • 40% improvement in turnaround time
  • 3x increase in KPI and performance report visibility