Geospatial Data Services Offerings


Infosys BPM offers geospatial solutions across the customer asset value chain, including mapping activities, data creation and migration, application development, enterprise GIS upgrade/migration, modeling, and analytics. We have a proven GIS Centre of Excellence, delivering professional services to different core industries — Telecom, Utilities, Mining, Insurance, and so on — supporting them on requirement elicitation, building spatial data, remote sensing, application support, and integration.


GIS services in the Utilities sector

Utilities consider their physical and digital assets as a foundation for transformation in engineering workflows. At an organisational level, location (GIS) data is growing at a rate of over 20% year over year (YoY). However, legacy systems and organisational silos continue to be critical challenges across large public utilities. Infosys BPM has extensive expertise in resolving the challenges and providing utility services that include:

  • Legacy data migration support
  • Data conflation, asset realignment, and map database creation
  • Data interoperability standards and strategies for different enterprise platforms
  • Data cleansing on geometry errors, data linkages, and network tracing issues
  • Implementation and integration of new models (UPDM/schematics/utility network)
  • Operational data loads and automated workflows
  • WO automation and one-call spatial integration and automation
  • Vegetation management

Watch this video on how Infosys BPM is assisting one of the leading utility companies in California to address the challenges by transforming 50k miles of overhead and underground electrical assets from legacy systems to a comprehensive GIS system.


GIS services in the Energy sector

In the Energy sector, effective planning and management of pipeline deployment demands accurate and timely visualisation of assets on map-driven systems, highlighting location intelligence to deliver data-driven decisions. From upstream oil and gas land holdings and drilling operations through midstream assets on pipelines to refineries management and towards downstream customers, GIS provides operational efficiencies through decision-making location data. Infosys BPM uses enterprise pipeline modeling for asset management and network modernisation for leading customers, which enables profitability through maturity of pipeline database and network integrity. Infosys BPM has extensive expertise in providing energy services that includes but not limited to:

  • Digitisation and GIS data migration
  • Data conflation and realignment
  • Pipeline asset data integrity and asset maintenance
  • PODS/UPDM data model support and integration with utility networks
  • Storing, collecting, and visualising borewell drilling data
  • Data-driven third-party integration (ERP and SCADA) for GIS analysis

Watch this video to learn how Infosys BPM GIS team works with large energy companies in the US to support the creation of accurate pipeline maps database on enterprise GIS platform, which helps customers to monitor pipeline health, as well as enhances the longevity of ground assets, and assists in field force automation opportunities.


GIS services in the Telecom sector

Spatial data helps communications service providers (CSPs) to design, plan, and locate their inventories and network elements such as terminals, routers, shelter subscriber locations, and so on, as well as support Line of Site (LOS) analysis for tower/shelter/FTTP/FTTN strategies placement and field planning for wireless customers. Telecom companies have been investing in upgrading their geospatial systems to meet customers’ increasing demand for data, especially in using maps for navigation. Telcos can unlock cost savings of 40–50% through consolidation and automation of GIS operations. Infosys BPM has extensive expertise in providing telecom services that include but not limited to:

  • Creating, updating, and maintaining network inventory for outside/inside plant mapping (OSP/ISP) and terrain/clutter data mapping for RF planning
  • Conversion of engineering drawings, such as paper/field/CAD schematics
  • Disaster and outage response
  • Field and customer response
  • Maintenance and upgrade of assets

Infosys BPM has 300+ GIS analysts assisting large telecom and utility companies in migration of GIS data, preparation of GIS layers, and maintenance of large GIS systems and data sets, helping our clients reduce their cost of operations by 40% and improve data quality with 99% accuracy in operations.


GIS services in the Mining sector

With mining activity being spatial in nature, the key to success has always been mine plans and discovering precise ore bodies, which rely heavily on geospatial data and enterprise technologies. The advent of digitisation in traditional business models for the mining and metals industry are changing with the introduction of digital spatial technology to locate mineral deposits, build autonomous mining equipment, and deep adoption of mapping platforms in mining operations. Infosys BPM has been working with mining firms, delivering map-based insights and powerful positioning intelligence data, which provides much-needed business gains in mining operations with services on:

  • Legacy data migration and GIS mapping on mine opening
  • Imaging technology for mine exploration
  • Geological data management
  • Real-time 3D mapping (Lidar/drones)
  • Remote monitoring of mine operations
  • Image annotation and AI and ML techniques for automation of fleets/equipment
  • Monitoring mine closures and compliances over the years
  • Tailing disposal sites and change detection studies
  • Reducing environmental impact
  • DSS/asset management systems (managing mine leases)
  • Spatial data repository
  • Big data management

GIS services in the Navigation Sector

Over 165 million people are expected to use maps and navigation apps by the end of 2020, with a penetration rate of 67.6%. As 10% of the global economy is directly dependent on the use of satellite navigation, maps, autonomous cars, and location intelligence, GIS and spatial data is the future of navigation. Infosys BPM delivers navigation map services such as:

  • Base map digitisation
  • POI edits and updates
  • Attribution/labeling and search capability
  • Satellite image processing and data extraction
  • Development of high-quality map output
  • Map validation and maintenance
  • Integration with open maps, weathers, traffics, routes, and so on

Watch this video to learn how Infosys BPM GIS team works with large, map-based navigation companies and supports the creation of accurate maps and delivers exceptional user experience. At Infosys BPM, 1,500+ resources bring various layers of maps together to provide visual enhancements to map data, image annotation, and semantic labeling to improve AI and ML algorithms, processing 9 million transactions every month at an accuracy level of 99.5%.


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