Today’s networks can be quite complex. Transformation, automation, and zero-touch service delivery have become key strategic goals. But the mixed nature and complexity of evolving networks can lead to confusion and friction. Customer expectations are also changing with the rising complexity of networks, leading to a need for greater agility; better CAPEX and OPEX management; and end-to-end visibility, in principle, to centralize the scattered data.

Our NIMS solution provides instant service activation and dynamic, elastic deployment. NIMS is a complete, intelligent network planning and inventory management solution, bringing your data together, eliminating silos, and providing a consolidated record of your network assets. NIMS helps discover insights that drive performance enhancement, improving KPIs and giving a boost to your business.

A Comprehensive Suite of Modules

NIMS includes a comprehensive set of modules that extend its capabilities, providing the tools you need to take control of your network. The integrated tools help you to design and plan updates, with a clear picture of the resulting changes – before they are implemented. Every asset is tagged, so it can be tracked in the delivery and planning lifecycle. Planning tools seamlessly interact with workflows and process tools, creating an integrated working environment.

It allows you to replace legacy approaches with a consistent, consolidated approach to order management, network changes and service delivery. You can have richer visualization as well as easily adapt to new technologies, services, and business models. The data collected by NIMS is also a resource for big data analytics programs, aiding operational improvement at all levels. It covers the full lifecycle – plan, build, operate – in a single system, delivering insights and supporting enhanced financial management and reporting. NIMS provides accelerated time to market and reduced time to repair; optimized network capacity management; automated reporting for pro-active network builds; financial and cost analyses; and point of failure identification.


Network Inventory Management System (NIMS)

Network Inventory Management System (NIMS)

NIMS: Key Advantages

NIMS provides you with a single source of truth for your entire network. Here are some key advantages of the solution.

  • Complete, accurate record of network inventory data, covering active and passive networks till the last mile
  • Support for legacy networks as well as current and emerging networks
  • Real-time network inventory management
  • Support for multi-vendor, multi-generational networks
  • Unlocking automation and process integration
  • Enabling the discovery of insights, KPIs, and continuous improvements

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