We at Infosys BPM have a track record of helping CSP majors identify and eliminate revenue leakage by leveraging three key services: revenue assurance analytics; assessment and automation; auditing and monitoring. We help you identify issues such as delays in leakage detection; inadequate evaluation of data streams to prevent leakage; technology challenges; and other complex leakage scenarios due to network evolution and complexity. We have a team of 350+ tech wizards, consisting of data scientists, analysts, and visualization experts; they come from multiple disciplines, such as telecom, utilities, finance, logistics, manufacturing, insurance, etc.

Revenue Leakage Prevention

Our TRAM solution leverages the following technological interventions to detect and prevent revenue leakage.

  • Machine learning-based fraud models to identify new and complex fraud patterns
  • Actionable insights using pattern detection and usage analytics
  • Expandable and future proof fraud controls to track all data streams and maintain 100% fraud coverage
  • Assessment and automation to control risks, build process maturity, and plug process gaps

Approach to Fraud Analytics

Our unique approach to analyze and mitigate fraud patterns involve the following steps.

  1. Data collection from a vast array of sources including the CRM, service data, billing, internal/industry data, etc.
  2. Predictive modeling engine is used to analyze historical data formulating an algorithm to predict fraudulent transactions. The algorithm scores each customer’s transaction; the score indicates whether the transaction is fraudulent or not.
  3. Based on the score, further investigation is done by a fraud expert and a full report is generated with recommended actions.

Further, we leverage our expertise in fraud detection to assess risks and develop insights to refine your existing fraud controls. We conduct maturity assessment to help you benchmark your fraud fighting capabilities; conduct due diligence to develop an improved and automated process with higher performance; and develop a risk book to upgrade your fraud detection efficiency.


TRAM: Key Advantages

24x7 fraud investigation support and tracking

Outlier detection, to save revenues

Near real-time monitoring

Increases fraud coverage to 100%

Precision and recall to reduce false positives by up to 40%

Improved decision making for proactive identification of vulnerabilities

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