Holistic BPM Services for Wireline

The wireline industry faces challenges such as managing increasing data demands, optimizing network performance, and staying ahead of technological advancements while keeping customer experience at its peak. At Infosys BPM, we have comprehensive technology services tailored to the unique needs of the wireline industry. Our solutions enable seamless wireline services and optimize telecom network performance. With our network management services, including fault diagnostics, access management, order management, among others, we ensure efficient monitoring and control of wireline networks and minimize disruptions and maximize service availability.

  • Data Enrichment: Link customer data to service data and network inventory
  • Cost Leakage: Invoice audits of AP/ AR to/ from other LECs
  • Data Inconsistencies: Clean data inconsistencies between different data sources and data refresh
  • Fault Management

  • Fault repair helpdesk
  • Field staff appointments

Our experience in providing services to communication service providers globally enables us to provide Local Number Portability

Process interexchange career (IXC) requests/ orders

Cable disconnect protection

  • Billing enquiries
  • Dispute management
  • Collections
  • Cash applications
  • Credit management
  • Suspense account/ Unapplied cash management
  • Network Access Cost Management

Convergent billing: One bill to the customer

  • Customer details validation
  • Yellow Page directory content creation
  • Ad creation for advertisers

Entertainment content: Repurposing entertainment content and making it available on the portal for download

  • Order processing
  • Order provisioning and fulfillment: Installation/ Disconnection of lines
  • Order validation (Compliance check)
  • Quote management

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