Data Quality Diagnostic Tool

The Infosys BPM Data Quality Diagnostic tool is a low-investment and quick turnaround diagnostic offering, which focuses on understanding the current data quality levels in an enterprise’s specific master data domain.

Such diagnostics provides insights on key data quality parameters such as completeness, duplications, and consistency, as well as their impact on business processes for any domain (customer, product, vendor, material, etc.).

Data Quality Diagnostic Tool


The Data Quality Diagnostic tool is a precursor to understanding current data maturity levels to define data monitoring processes as well as the effort required for potential data cleansing opportunities.

It includes the following features:

  1. Analysing key master data fields in a single system or multiple systems
  2. Identifying data quality levels on several parameters such as completeness, duplicates, consistency, accuracy, and conformity
  3. Discovering opportunities for data quality improvements

Define data monitoring processes

Data Quality Diagnostic Process

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