Geospatial Data Services


The Infosys BPM Geospatial Data services employs geospatial technology to address the mapping needs of the customers. Over the years, we have been involved in mapping, collection, gathering, storing, processing, integrating, managing, analyzing and distributing map data.


Why Us?

Infosys BPM’s Geospatial Data services team possess experienced and highly skilled, incubated with spatial technologies to resolving major challenges across industries. The geospatial data framework operates on Co-Creation model (One stop shop) built along the way suiting every needs of the clients – Data/Solutions/Integration etc. and with more automations delivering lower IT costs, improved availability and more quality.

How do we deliver value?

Businesses can bank on us to provide strategies, processes, and proven expertise that address the customer challenges and provide location intelligence in the Geospatial ecosystem:

  • Strong capabilities combined with a network of more than 30k associates across 10 global locations enable us to deliver measurable benefits to organizations.
  • Years of Geospatial industry experience, domain expertise and innovation.
  • Working on a long term and sustainable mode with the leading navigation industries.
  • Strong expertise in working with all industry-standard data models across all phases including design, development, customization, and implementation.
  • Focused technology practices with a global delivery model, Integrated domain excellence and complete project turnkey solution and ownership.
  • Proven expertise in data migration/data load, Extensive asset management, Value driven Infrastructure and Test automation.

Request for services

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