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Legal Research

Infosys LPO provides customized and cost-efficient legal research solutions to global corporations and law firms like yours. Our services enable you to formulate vital business decisions, and we are committed towards serving as an extension of your legal departments. In essence, becoming a ‘one-stop shop’ for all your legal research requirements.

Our team of experienced attorneys executes both simple and complex legal research, including litigation and non-litigation tasks. They are adept at using key legal research databases such as LexisNexis / Westlaw, and are well versed in standard citation formats (like ‘Bluebook’) for citing references.

Our services

Legal research and drafting

  • Conduct legal research on laws addressing issues presented by the client – pertaining to litigation and/or non-litigation areas
  • Draft legal memorandum discussing and citing laws addressing issues presented by the client

Compliance support

  • Pre-compliance monitoring
    • Conduct legal research to track the Federal, State and local legislations / regulations related to banking, trust, securities trading, real estate, and other areas of law for U.S. and worldwide jurisdictions
    • Track legislative actions / bills impacting client’s existing and new businesses / operations with regard to U.S. and worldwide jurisdictions
  • Compliance implementation
    • Identify, analyze and document requirements contained in the existing, amended and / or new law to effect amendments in client’s plan policies, procedures, forms, and correspondence
    • Review forms and other legal documents provided by client for meeting compliance with laws of specific jurisdiction(s), and document-related requirements in the desired format(s)
  • Conduct legal research for contract compliance

Multi-jurisdiction / risk-assessment surveys

  • Conduct multi-jurisdiction surveys, including 50 U.S. state law surveys and surveys on laws of international jurisdictions
  • Conduct legal surveys to identify potential sources of risk
  • Conduct legal surveys for determining liabilities / obligations

*Disclaimer: Infosys LPO is not a law firm and any of its services or solutions do not constitute legal advice.

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