Why contract lifecycle management matters more today?
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Next-Generation Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Software

If you’re looking to effectively manage the contracting process across your organization, you can take charge with Infosys BPM’s Next-Generation Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Software. Using the tools and processes on offer, you can centralize lpo contracts and provide visibility to your business users.

Our CLM software solution will also take you closer to your goals — enforcing compliance, leveraging volume discounts, effectively managing obligations, reducing contract risks and chances of litigation. We can help you make full use of your contracts and leverage business-critical information negotiated into contracts.

Infosys BPM Contract Management Software

Infosys BPM’s Next-Generation Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) tool is an enterprise-class contract management system that supports all organizational contracts – including sell-side, buy-side and legal.

Key features

  • Easy-to-execute contracts
    — that enable effective contract management process
  • A unified searchable contract repository
    — to store and retrieve contracts and its associated documents
  • A collaborative environment for teams
    — to negotiate and author contracts, extract contract summary and key clauses, send and receive alerts on obligations, and process contract renewals

Benefits of CLM Tool/Software

Centralize organization-wide contracting process

  • A unified searchable secure repository for contracts and associated documents, including legacy contracts and newly created contracts
  • Comprehensive flexible contract summary or abstract for easy information retrieval
  • Multi-channel mailroom process to receive contracts across locations and multiple formats
  • Effectively reduce time to author contracts by leveraging Microsoft Word interface with contract authoring custom add-ons, clause and template libraries
  • Management of all contracts (buy, sell and legal) from the central repository
  • Collaboration features to improve the negotiation process (both internally and externally)

Enforce compliance and best practices

  • Standardize contracting processes (including contact clauses and templates) to adhere to corporate norms, best practices and industry / regulatory framework
  • Policy-driven workflows for contract execution based on contract value, contract type and risk
  • Role-based security and control access rights to both internal and counter-party users

Improve efficiency and savings

  • Increase savings by bringing more spend under contract and increasing contract compliance
  • Decrease administrative, dispute and operational costs by setting up timely alerts and notifications
  • Identify revenue opportunities through better management of contracts and historical data
  • Improve contract efficiency through lower contract cycle times, improved internal collaboration and policy-driven contract authoring

Manage obligations and risk

  • Improve client / supplier satisfaction by extracting, tracking and managing contractual obligations and SLAs
  • Comprehensively manage contractual risk in the right manner at various levels – clause, contract and organizational
  • Assign and manage tasks to comply with contractual obligations and risks
contract lifecycle management software

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