Why contract lifecycle management matters more today?

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Contract Lifecycle Management Services

Our contract lifecycle management services can help you attain your goals - enforcing compliance, leveraging volume discounts, effectively managing obligations, reducing contract risks and chances of litigation, as well as reduce your time-to-contract. We can help in optimal utilization of your lpo contract and leverage business-critical information, negotiated into contracts.


Why us?

  • Resources having expertise including legal and IT.
  • Contract Intelligence - Use of deep learning techniques, AI-based Contracts Analysis etc.
  • Process-centric trainings are provided, and their knowledge base is constantly gauged. Rigorous training from LPM Center of Excellence (COE).
  • Global Delivery Model enabling multi-language support-both onshore and offshore.
  • Infosys BPM’ multi-tiered project workflow and multiple checkpoints at every stage of the project provides complete control on the quality and assures consistency.


To help you achieve a higher level of performance, domain experts at Infosys BPM LPM will assess and document your current processes, interview your stakeholders, and evaluate your level of automation. We provide recommendations for process improvements – based on your unique set of business requirements and best-in-class benchmarking.

Contract lifecycle management services

Our contract management service offerings empower your teams to do more with less at each stage of the contract lifecycle. This will help free your teams from repetitive administrative tasks, which can represent as much as 30% of their time.

Contract Creation and negotiation

  • Draft, redline, and negotiate agreements which are high in volume and less complex.
  • Create and maintain standard template agreements and contract clause libraries.

Contract Execution and approval

Prepare and distribute all necessary documentation for internal approvals and ensure contract execution.

Post-contract administration

  • Abstract and upload contracts into the contract repository with supporting documentation.
  • Perform contract repository management – create files, alerts, renewals, and generate reports.
  • Document, track and report contractual obligations.
  • Perform risk analysis deviation from standard terms, regulatory compliance, revenue recognition, and liability exposure.
  • Due diligence around merger and acquisition (M&A).

Assess value and risk with the abstraction of key terms

  • Administer the integration of incoming contracts with systems, processes, and standards
  • Conduct analysis for renegotiation

Technology for Contract Management

Contract Management Services

Contract Lifecycle Management Services

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