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A successful transition in the fifth gear

Head of Digital Business at a leading US-based publishing house, Jillian Davis had recently implemented new digital intake activities in a bid to raise sagging customer satisfaction levels. However, this soon led to an unexpected spike in customer service survey reporting and call tracking operations, pressurising the company’s resources. With customer satisfaction levels at further risk, Jillian decided to outsource the digital intake activities within a tight deadline of one month. This case details how Infosys BPM took on the challenge and executed a remarkable on-time transition, handling 40% of the volume spike, thereby increasing customer satisfaction levels.

Approach summary:

  • Provided 5-days-a-week support in transitioning digital intake
  • Deployed expert support team covering various roles
  • Trained all employees in digital intake activities
  • Cross-trained employees on CSS reporting and call tracking

Key benefits:

  • Transitioned digital intake activities within one month
  • Handled 40% CSS volume spike
  • Handled 20% call tracking volume spike
  • Increased customer satisfaction