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Solving a merger mystery with automation

Jon Millers, Head of Transformation at a global mass media conglomerate, was looking to enhance its labour-intensive metadata management processes. When a merger-induced spike in metadata volumes further pressurised resource efficiency, Jon immediately turned to Infosys BPM for help with automating his processes. This case details how Infosys BPM deployed an end-to-end automated media solution and organised cross-training programs to successfully manage the increased work volume, reduce turnaround times, and deliver lasting business value.

Approach summary:

  • Implemented end-to-end automated media solution
  • Developed RPA-based approach for updating SAP system
  • Implemented flexible hybrid work environment
  • Cross-trained ~95% of employees
  • Supported in managing metadata content
  • Deployed expert support team covering various roles

Key benefits:

  • Projects worth over $1.3 Mn completed
  • 100% employees migrated to WFH model within 48 hours
  • Efficiently handled volume spikes