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Infosys BPM Legal Process Management has partnered with General Counsels, CPOs, CIOs, and law firms to transform, standardize, and automate legal tasks. Our flexible, global operating legal process model can further enable leaders like you to leverage your teams’ skill and experience more efficiently and effectively.

BPM and Digital Transformation

Why Us?

If you are part of a corporate legal department or a law firm looking for that needs outsourced legal services through a leading LPM service provider, then we have the answer to your challenging requirements. Some of our differentiators are:

  • Commercial model – We provide an optimal cost model that offers the potential for savings over your current delivery model for the services rendered without compromising on the responsiveness or service quality.
  • Integrated IT-LPM solutions for eDiscovery, lpo contracts and legal research, with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and technology solutions, bring in the combined benefits of increased quality and productivity through a combination of proprietary and market-leading tools, and our legal bpo services.
  • Extended arm – We work as an extended arm of the client’s external attorney/ law firms.
  • Consulting services – Our subject matter experts can strategize new lpo process efficiencies based on your long-term goals and budgets
  • Tri-shore capabilities – We possess on-shore, near-shore and offshore capabilities to suit client comfort levels and risk appetites.
  • Alternative outsourcing legal service delivery models
  • Increased flexibility and value of work – With increased flexibility and process ownership, we enable law firms and corporate legal departments to focus on optimizing their business.
Legal Process Outsourcing Business Model

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