Legal Process Outsourcing


Infosys LPO: Your Partner for Tomorrow’s Legal Solutions

  • Can Infosys LPO help our law firm or corporate legal department improve processes to generate more value?
  • Will Infosys LPO help us get more strategic value out of our day-to-day work, while also enabling us to track metrics and measure efficiency?
  • Does Infosys LPO have the consulting prowess to identify how we can optimize without compromising on our quality of work?

Yes, we can — our practice has diverse strengths that will help you address these questions. Over the previous three years, we have expanded rapidly not only in numbers and breadth of offerings, but also by evolving a highly strategic approach to legal process outsourcing.

Challenges and opportunities

Create a smarter legal organization: By implementing technology tools and standardizing processes during project execution, we can help you constantly simplify, collaborate, learn, and adapt to tomorrow's challenges.

Do more with less: Mandated budget cuts and pressure in providing more value for money is forcing law firms and corporate legal departments to cut costs without cutting corners. Infosys LPO can help you do just that, by bringing together the right combination of customized technology, process consulting and legal services – to deliver greater business value for your organization.

Infosys LPO: Your Partner for Tomorrow’s Legal Solutions

Why Infosys LPO?

Operational excellence

Global Delivery Model (GDM)


Technology multipliers


Best-in-class management practices

Domain expertise

Client satisfaction

LPO Academy

Employer of choice


Financial stability

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*Disclaimer: Infosys BPM/LPO is not a law firm and any of its services or solutions do not constitute legal advice.

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