Legal Process Outsourcing


How Infosys LPO delivers value

If you are part of a corporate legal department or law firm that needs outsourced legal services through an LPO, we will deliver your most complex requirements. Some of our differentiators are:

  • Commercial model – We provide an optimal cost model that offers potential for savings over your current delivery model for the services rendered, without compromising on responsiveness or service quality. How Infosys LPO delivers value
  • Extended arm – We work as an extended arm of the client’s external attorneys / law firms.
  • Consulting services – Our subject matter experts can strategize new process efficiencies based on your long-term goals and budgets.
  • Tri-shore capabilities – We possess on-shore, near-shore and off shore capabilities to suit client comfort levels and risk appetites.
  • Alternative legal service delivery models
  • Increased flexibility and value of work – With increased flexibility and process ownership, we enable law firms and corporate legal departments to focus on analyzing their business.
  • Legal services + legal technology – Infosys LPO provides combined benefits of increased quality and productivity by using client tools and our legal services.



*Disclaimer: Infosys BPM/LPO is not a law firm and any of its services or solutions do not constitute legal advice

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