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Infosys delivers 100 percent accuracy for an insurer’s international economic sanctions program

The client

A leading multibillion dollar Fortune 100 company providing property and casualty insurance for personal and commercial customers worldwide

Business need

Due to increasing scrutiny and enforcements by regulatory bodies in the financial market, penalties are being imposed on financial institutions for noncompliance of the international sanctions rules. The client wanted to implement an effective risk management program to reduce the risk of noncompliance in a cost-effective manner.

The client maintained a database of sanctioned entities against which every transaction was scrubbed. The screening system triggered about 800 hits per month across new business, endorsements, renewals, and claims. To ensure compliance with sanctions and to minimize the risks of insuring a sanctioned entity, these hits had to be investigated and reviewed manually before the risk was insured by the client. Even the slightest error has the potential to cost millions of dollars in penalties.

Our solution

Infosys developed regulations-oriented training modules for the pilot team to gain a clear understanding of the risks associated with the process and the client’s business. We then co-created screening guidelines with the client. We also delivered process and system training to the pilot team, which was followed by the client certifying the team’s readiness to work on the new system.


Our comprehensive solution includes the following elements:

  • Pilot-based approach to assess the feasibility of outsourcing a complex risk management process
  • A thorough review of test cases, feedback, quality calibration, and analysis to strengthen the knowledge base of the processing team
  • Periodic performance reports capturing metrics against the defined success criteria, process rigor and strong governance to make the pilot a success
  • Decision-based review to clear or escalate the ‘sanctions hit’ cases to the General Counsel
  • Incorporating new restrictions into the compliance program


The pilot process moved into a comprehensive process supporting the client’s UK and Europe businesses with:

  • 100 percent quality score for the transactions processed within the agreed SLA without increasing the cycle time of the end-to-end process
  • Only 2 – 5 percent of the transactions escalated to the General Counsel

The Infosys BPM advantage

  • Striking the right balance between process rigor and cost management
  • Integration and implementation of the screening program for UK and Europe business
  • Planning the expansion of this process for other operating companies and geographies
  • Reducing the costs of compliance operationally as well as potential penalties
  • Focusing on the core areas of detailed investigations and underwriting risks

About Infosys Insurance BPO

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