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Order management needs a holistic approach for compelling value

Infosys BPM has redefined the business process of order-to-cash by extending services to strategic functions across the supply chain. In an interview with Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON), Rajiv Raghunandan, Practice Head – Sales and Fulfillment, Infosys BPM, discusses the evolution of Infosys’ Sales and Fulfillment Business Process Management (BPM) service.

Cisco and Procter & Gamble are capitalizing on Infosys BPM’s service to drive value on both the revenue and cost sides. It is also helping them expand in emerging markets.

Rajiv elaborates on the uniqueness of Infosys BPM Sales and Fulfillment service:

Holistic methodology

Value-added services that combine technology and consulting with operational strategies reduce the cost of goods sold, increase revenue and prevent revenue leakage.

Plan-to-van service

Services provided range from sales support activities such as account planning, research and customer profiling to after-sales services such as distribution planning and logistics for order fulfillment and realization of cash.

Industry-specific offerings

Solutions include advertising management for newspapers and media companies, traffic management for radio and television networks, and warranty management for manufacturers.


Published with permission of Shared Services & Outsourcing Network

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