Talent management analytics for strategic decision-making

Talent management analytics for strategic decision-making

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Benefits Administration Outsourcing

Clients can choose to outsource employee benefits services, either bundled together or offered as standalone services. With our benefits administration solutions we offer an integrated set of services, addressing employee and retiree savings, administration of both qualified and non-qualified retirement plans, compensation data management, salary change letter preparation and distribution electronically, annual compensation review process, and claims management. Our claims management service includes admin support, communication with the appraisee and appraisers, satisfaction surveys, health and welfare benefits, including garnishments, MIS and reporting, and life events / employment status change.


Why us?

We drive employee engagement and benefits promotion by creating a benefits one-stop shopping experience, covering the entire hire-to-retire cycle.

We provide employees and clients with access to data via self-service applications and more personal support through the service center, staffed with knowledgeable benefits professionals capable of answering even the most complex questions.

Enable robust HR functions


How do our Benefits Administration Services Deliver Value?

  • Wide-range of HRO benefits administration services, including data maintenance, manual calculations, and compliance management
  • Experience in supporting over 300 clients and 4,500 benefits plans
  • Single point of contact to provide benefits administration, consisting of dedicated account teams and support staff
  • Extensive experience in compliance-related issue for large multi-state employers with multiple business lines
  • Custom-designed solutions for all employee benefit services stakeholder right from third-party administrators to investment managers and insurance carriers
Benefits Administration Outsourcing Services

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