HR for Sustainability: Paving the way for a greener future of work

HR for Sustainability: Paving the way for a greener future of work

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BPM Recruitment Outsourcing Solution and Services

Our recruitment sourcing services provide end-to-end solutions for the entire talent supply chain. We make it easier for the hiring team to reach out to prospective applicants by supporting them in complete talent planning – from sourcing to screening and onboarding. Our recruitment outsourcing solutions are custom designed not just to improve efficiency and effectiveness, but also to enhance the experience for every stakeholder in the recruitment lifecycle.


Why us?

We believe that excellence in recruitment process outsourcing model can only be achieved when a partner truly understands the client’s business, their challenges, and their operating environment. We act as a committed partner in delivering payroll process excellence by:

  • Significantly improving employee satisfaction while ensuring business continuity
  • Providing reliable, scalable and cost-effective service delivery
  • Adapting to your business environment and offering agility and flexibility
  • Facilitating continuous improvement with the help of a quality framework in both “cost reduction” and “process improvement measurements”

Technology-enabled ‘next-gen’ recruiting solutions

  1. Improve the top funnel
    • Strengthen various talent acquisition channels such as employee referral, social media, in-store recruitment, database marketing, and more
    • Build an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and Employer Brand (EB) in the process to ensure communication
    • AI-based sourcing
  2. Improve screening

    • Maximize video interviewing
    • Gamified assessments
    • Assessment for identifying high attrition risk candidates
    • AI-based screening
  3. Engage with talent

    • Enhance social media talent engagement
    • AI-powered candidate query management
    • Social listening
  4. Reduce administration cost

    • Communication templatization
    • Automation of repeated tasks

Enable robust HR functions


How do our Recruitment Outsourcing Services Deliver Value?

  • Committed productivity
  • Committed roadmap to ‘best-in-class’ HR shared service center that enables the desired business impact
  • Improved rule management to ensure better compliance and risk mitigation across regions
  • Operational best practices and centers of excellence to facilitate service excellence
  • Improved accuracy and turnaround time through artificial intelligence and robotic process automation
  • Improved service quality and metrics

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