Digital Transformation for one of the largest American banks

The single barometer which gives the temperature check of the entire Automation project in Operations is - AHT (Average Handling Time). The upstream and downstream impact of the project are:

As per the business case, Infosys

  • Reduced AHT by ~50% in Post-Closing Audit
  • Increased Accuracy to 99%

The business value project generated had a spiral effect on creating front end capacity, and decreasing cost of Operations by ~75% (considering uptick in volume, which is not accounted for in productivity calculation) is key achievement of the project.

The Tech Levers used are: - DOC AI, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Natural Language Processing (NLP) & related techniques

The benefits is approved by the client and has been a key enabler in deepening Infosys relationship. It has led to identification of multiple projects within client environment and further enhancing/reinforcing Infosys position as the most reliable partner in Digital Automation.

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