A Firewall Approach to Safeguard Intellectual Property

nnovation driven by Intellectual Property (IP) is the hallmark of successful companies. A robust mechanism to protect proprietary knowledge is imperative to sustain a culture of innovation.

In a two-part series of articles published in Globalservicesmedia.com, Infosys' expert proposes an Intellectual Property Management System (IPMS) to safeguard intellectual assets and mitigate risks of Intellectual Property Rights violation.

A scalable IPMS drives continuous improvement of IP, builds a repository of intellectual assets, detects IP violation early, and optimizes IP for outsourcing service providers, clients and third parties. For effective management of IP, companies must:

  • Establish controls to enhance the effectiveness of processes at each stage of the IP management lifecycle
  • Develop a framework for the IP management lifecycle that accounts for all cross-functional and external dependencies
  • Re-engineer processes to address the requirements of internal and external stakeholders
  • Transcend patent lifecycle and document management
  • Comply with ISO standards for Information Security Management System and Quality Management System
Rajeev Thykatt

Rajeev Thykatt, Senior Manager, Risk Management, Infosys BPM

Rajeev has more than ten years of experience in legal, regulatory and standard compliance best practices. He has specialized in designing and implementing management systems. Rajeev can be reached at Rajeev_T@infosys.com.