CS Heads, today, need to be able to deliver high-quality services across multiple channels, multiple languages, and multiple devices. There is a major change in the customer and agent demographic, that has thrown up new opportunities for contact centers. Now, more than ever, there is a need to adopt digitization and new ways of working to competitively and profitably serve the customer. Infosys Live Enterprise, a modular yet holistic suite of services, can help CS Heads re-imagine and transform their Customer Service organizations to be responsive and agile, in an ever-changing business environment. By enabling data-driven, sentient decision-making, and hyper automation at scale, Live Enterprise is positioning CS Heads to lead their companies into the next horizon of digital Customer Service and create an unassailable competitive advantage.


Infosys Live Enterprise Customer Service

Networked and Connected

Collaborated and Connected

  • One Office Operating Model - integrated experiences delivered to business personas, across processes
  • Seamless, contextual, & real-time information sharing
  • Skilling/ re-skilling workforce of the future


  • Responsive customer care
  • Process velocity
  • Attracting the right talent
  • Efficient FCR and AHT
  • Agile/ flexi teams
  • Smart speed Knowledge transfer
Hyper Productive

Hyper Productive

  • Cognitive, human-in-loop automation
  • AI-powered solutions
  • Self-service adoption
  • Digital care
Sentient (Sense / Feel / Respond)

Sentient (Sense / Feel / Respond)

  • Differentiated customer & employee experiences
  • Predictive insights for value-added interactions
  • Proactive communication & self-heal
  • Candidate recruitment & onboarding experience enhancement
  • Continuous compliance
Anytime / Anywhere Experience

Anytime / Anywhere Experience

  • Cognitive/ AI-powered virtual assistants
  • Mobility
  • Omni-channel experience
  • Proactive, real-time interactions for enhanced customer experience

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