The challenges that CFOs face today have moved past cost reduction and revenue amplification, to responsiveness and agile being imperatives for business excellence. Now more than ever, it is crucial to deliver on organizational expectations with a strong digital mindset backed by innovation. Infosys Live Enterprise, a modular yet holistic suite of services, can equip CFOs to be further empowered in a dynamically changing technology landscape. By enabling intuitive decision-making automatically at scale, real-time solutions with actionable insights, and in-depth visibility into futuristic trends, Live Enterprise is positioning CFO organizations to innovate for the future of finance. Based on open-source technologies that operate across a hybrid, multi-cloud set-up, the Live Enterprise Suite is carving the next frontier for CFO organizations.


Key elements of Infosys Live Enterprise Finance and Accounting

Collaborated and Connected

Collaborated and Connected

  • End-to-end operating model with cross-functional synergy
  • Data unification with interconnected systems (API, UBL)
  • Integration


  • Technology- and SME-driven knowledge transfer
  • Touchless processing
  • Time-to-market
Hyper Productive


  • Moving from “brick and mortar” to digitally-enabled platform with minimum disruption
  • Blockchain and IOT
  • Cognitive studio/ AI Lego blocks/ microbot stables


  • Digital brain: Data + Algorithms + Domain to bring insights
  • Human-ware: Man + Machine in a new ecosystem
  • Continuous compliance
Anytime / Anywhere Experience

Anytime / Anywhere Experience

  • Real-time - Phygital evidence at the time of the event
  • Cognitive and self-service interfaces
  • Cloud and mobility

Infosys Live Enterprise Accounts Payable Infographics

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Infosys Live Enterprise Accounts Receivable  Infographics

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