The changes in work, workplace and workforce have made it binding for pathfinding HR organizations to look for transformative solutions that enhance employee experience, improve revenue productivity, cost optimization and compliance, besides driving better employee engagement. Infosys Live Enterprise is a next-gen platform that can enable CHROs to implement solutions for improving employee experience and making organizations adapt to changing demands. It provides a scaffolding and structure to address challenges across key dimensions of - agility and speed, collaborated and connected, anytime/anywhere experience, hyper productivity, and sentience, apart from competitive advantage, velocity of ideas, and smart workplace. The Infosys Live Enterprise HR solution is a curation of transformation levers that enables CHROs to execute business strategies & achieve the required goals.


Infosys Live Enterprise Human Resources

Curation of transformational levers to evolve the HR organization across 5 key dimensions

Networked and Connected

Collaborated and Connected

  • One HR operating model – cross-business & cross-functional synergy
  • Seamless & real-time information sharing
  • Right skilling workforce of the future


  • Touchless processing
  • Attracting the right talent
  • Efficient first-time issue resolution
  • Agile/ flexi teams
  • Smart speed knowledge transfer
Hyper Productive

Hyper Productive

  • RPA Factory for HR use cases
  • AI-based point solutions
  • Self-service adoption
  • Reduce the time to make a resource productive
Sentient (Sense / Feel / Respond)

Sentient (Sense / Feel / Respond)

  • Persona-friendly employee experiences
  • Predictive insights for enabling decision making
  • Candidate recruitment & onboarding experience enhancement
  • Continuous compliance
  • Improved communication management
Anytime / Anywhere Experience

Anytime / Anywhere Experience

  • Cognitive/ AI-enabled virtual assistants/ chat bots
  • Mobile-based solutions
  • On-time real-time interactions for smooth resolution

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