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Infosys BPM Order-to-Cash (OTC) services

  • Process over 100,000 orders each week, worth over US$ 50 billion
  • Match over 500,000 incoming payments annually, within 24 hours and with 98% accuracy
  • Handle over 180,000 billing queries in a month
  • Over 6,000 professionals dedicated to supporting 30 OTC clients across geographies and industries

With us, you realize both seamless operations and transformational outcomes – we support your costs in tune with business cycle fluctuations (variable cost structure), improve top-line growth through cross- and up-selling, and help you keep pace with industry-specific regulations.

How we deliver value to order-to-cash clients

We provide end-to-end services through our global operating model for the Order-to-cash function. With Infosys BPM, you get a partner who drives your journey of process consolidation and harmonization, .automates your processes, manages your risk, helps you recognize revenue early, improve your day sales outstanding (DSO), and enhance your end-customer satisfaction. To drive transformational benefits for our clients, we have made significant investments in order-to-cash processes:

  • Developed a suite of order-to-cash tools – including Infosys Collections Management solution, Infosys Cash Application solution, Infosys Integrated Order Management system, and Customer Portal
  • Dedicated Collections Centre of Excellence – which focuses on driving process excellence and increasing domain expertise through training and certification
  • Training and certification specific to OTC skills
  • Specialization of resources – through dedicated domain development programs called 'OTC Practice Ambassador'

Infosys BPM end-to-end order-to-cash (OTC) service offerings

Infosys BPM end-to-end order-to-cash (OTC) service offerings

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