Mastering financial data management with record-to-report services

Mastering financial data management with record-to-report services

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F&A Record-to-Report Services

Infosys BPM’s Report to Report solutions ensure on-time closure of books of accounts, accuracy and integrity of financial data, and compliance of financial statements with fiscal and statutory reporting requirements.


Why us?

Our Report to Report (R2R) solutions leverage our proprietary technologies, analytics, and deep domain expertise. Some of the key highlights of our work in R2R process are:

  • Over 325,000 accounts reconciled.
  • Over 430,000 JEs posted per year.
  • More than 125000 asset requests processed per year.
  • Over 60,000 closing activities performed.

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How we deliver value?

We partner with our clients in their journey of consolidating and harmonizing their Report to Report accounting processes. To enable better performance for our clients, we automate financial reporting processes, enable early revenue recognition, and enhance productivity. What differentiates us in the Record-to-Report space is the wide range of services that we provide to our clients to transform their financial processes, including:

  • Financial reporting (includes filing statements such as form 10K / 10Q for client's filing with USA SEC)
  • Enterprise reporting, analysis, and planning support (budgeting / forecasting, variance analysis, investment analysis and non-financial reporting, competitor analysis)
  • Testing and compliance for the Sarbanes–Oxley Act (SOX)
  • Tax support for Europe VAT, GAAP-IFRS convergence support

Digital components for Record-to-Report

Our digital levers for R2R

Our portfolio of next-gen in-house and partner R2R solutions have been built to improve the efficacy of the organization’s month-end close, keeping in mind the realities of the current Gl processes. Our R2R solution suite includes:

  • Our partner powered end-to-end platform offering reconciliations, task management, variance analysis, JE automation, transaction matching and other allied modules
  • Our revolutionary AI-driven “Hawk-Eye” solution designed to accelerate the close process identifying potential data and posting outliers through shadow validation of your current ERP data
  • Prebuilt RPA Bot Library for most GL processes including manual journal posting
  • Our ERP Playbook and BpaaS models to drive “transactions” such as divestitures and acquisitions

What does it mean for you?

  • Up to 45% improvement in efficiency
  • Accelerated month-end close
  • Move closer to “Continuous Accounting”

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