Enhancing the Effectiveness of Rolling Forecast

Enhancing the Effectiveness of Rolling Forecast

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Digital Finance Solutions

Infosys BPM’s Digital Finance services enables organizations to shift paradigms in F&A. Our Digital Finance ecosystem leverages best-in-class technology, combining it with analytics and domain levers to deliver top quartile outcomes for our clients.

A 5-lever digital strategy for finance and accounting services

Digital Strategy for finance and accounting

Why us?

Infosys BPM’s digital finance transformation services help the office of the CFOs craft the digital strategic journey to become an intelligent enterprise facilitating “real-time-finance”. We support scalable enterprise growth and help our clients benefit from an enhanced understanding of F&A domain practices, knowledge of enabling and emerging technologies leveraging the scale of Infosys BPM’ global resources and a network of F&A professionals.

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How We Deliver Business Value?

Infosys BPM’s Digital Finance solutions help clients align their enterprise capabilities with scalable finance technology for creating and enhancing enterprise value and aids them to orchestrate their financial data and technology strategies.

  • Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) also called as SMART BPM, F&A platforms: To address the dynamic technology landscape in the context of the industry and our business and fitment to our clients’ needs, we have enhanced our traditional service lines from a ‘people-only’ delivery model to a ‘people + software’ model
  • Reporting and analytics strategy: Rationalize management reporting, measuring, analysis, and strengthen decision making. Reporting factory to rationalize, standardize and automate reports. Move from regular analytics to big data analytics.
  • Finance data strategy: Integrates structured, unstructured, internal and external data to improve forecast and reporting insight.
  • Finance technology strategy: Articulate the value proposition and business case for the finance technology platform and operating model: leverage technology, AI, RPA, and data analytics.
  • A process designed for standardized and harmonized delivery with digitized SOP creation through Digitran.
  • Simplified end-to-end process, better user experience, and metric ownership. Improve key metrics like DSO, DPO, and days to close.
  • Improved stakeholder's experience (internal & external): Over 50% automation of F&A transactions.


  1. Point solutions:
    A purposefully built library of in-house products combined with a curated bouquet of best-in-class partner solutions, aimed at augmenting your current technology to offer a holistic digital transformation armory. Our point solutions include Nextgen – AP AR and GL platforms to AI- and ML-driven point solutions. Leverage our industry-leading practices in SAP, Oracle, Netsuite, Concur, Ariba, and many other leading technology platforms to extend your current technology investments.
  2. Robotic automation:
    With a team of over 1200 RPA experts and consultants, Infosys BPM has successfully completed multiple implementations for over 60 global F&A clients, helping them realize sizeable benefits. Our RPA solutions has consistently been ranked as ‘leaders’ by major analysts. We offer consulting, implementation, and support services through the RPA implementation lifecycle. We have deployment experience across all leading robotic platforms; our proprietary RPA platform Assist Edge has wide adoption in F&A processes. Our library of ready-to-use pre-built RPA bots for all F&A processes has tested integrations (BAPI’s) with most leading ERP’s, thereby enhancing time to value for our clients.
  3. Artificial intelligence (AI)
    At Infosys BPM, we leverage AI to solve real-world problems for the CFO. With over 20 business solutions built specifically for F&A, we have helped our clients improve end-to-end business metrics. Leverage our next-gen Infosys Nia AI platform or our expertise across most leading AI platforms to develop and implement these solutions. Transform transactional processes such as GL coding and EDI fallout resolution with our easy to deploy machine learning (ML) point solutions that easily integrate with most leading AP and AR solutions.

    Drive outcomes through AI

    15-18% improvement on OTP
    50% reduction in GL coding effort
    30-45% reduction in transaction cost for collections
    33% reduction in close cycle time
    20-25% reduction in DSO
    14-18 % improvement of DPO
    100% compliance on ICA
    70-85% via self-service and cognitive AI technology

  4. Blockchain:
    Infosys is a leader in blockchain and adjacent technologies. Our dedicated blockchain practice runs multiple networks for our clients including “India Trade Connect”, a trade financing networks for some of the biggest banks and their customers apart from other private networks.
    Run end-to-end permissioned private blockchain networks with multi-stakeholder participation –suppliers, customers, logistic partners – transforming your supply chain Proven POV’s on finance use cases
  5. Digital operations:
    Our digital operation levers help our floors manage and drive digital transformation journey for our customers.
    1. Digitran:
      Infosys DigiTran is a transition and transformation solution that streamlines and accelerates digitization of standard operating procedures which can aid harmonization and automation. The tool enables conversion of process taxonomy captured at keystroke level into SOP along with flowcharts. The tool compares the processes followed by different engagements with best-in-class taxonomy, thereby enabling standardization and optimization. Digitran – Digitizing with a Transition & Transformation Solution
    2. Digital command console:
      Infosys Digital Command Console (DCC) enable clients to have real-time control over operations by providing a complete visualization of the operational analytics and business metrics. We do this by integrating and transforming data from multiple source systems.
      Pre-built operational analytics and business metrics dashboards for the three F&A towers – PTP, OTC and RTR DCC – are available on the cloud with live touch screen monitoring and mobility-enabled manager console for anytime, any device access.
      • Inbuilt repository of over 200 benchmarks and KPIs
      • Real-time KPI monitoring and alerts
      • Live on floor performance display
      • Better visibility of key metrics trending
      • Multi-level drill-down and RCA
      • Benchmark-based RAG status
      • Flexible visualization engine: Tableau / power BI / Decision Insights

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