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Transformation Road Map for Leading Legal Publishing Company


Infosys partners with a leading legal publishing company in charting a transformation road map by creating an integrated IT and KPO model driven by strategic alignment and business model transformation.


The Client
  • One of the world’s most respected legal publishing houses and a leading provider of information and business solutions.
  • Operations for the client’s shared services organization that collects, enhances and publishes content online
    • 40,000 sources scoured for data
    • Variety of sources include: Publications, Courts, Legislative bodies, Judge Chambers etc
    • Content format – VISF and XML format. About 60% of the overall content is in XML format
    • Key roles : Data Analysts, Content Editors, Collection Analysts, Conversion Engineers


  • Lack of agility due to the complexities in the environment
  • How to invest and improve the competitiveness in a divergent and siloed portfolio?
  • No single owner for the business problem or with end-to-end visibility
  • Prioritization issues between the engineering teams, operations teams, vendor teams
  • Service level measurements where minimal, not complete nor end–to-end measurements
  • Lack of motivation for the vendors to improve on a continuous basis and innovate
  • Lack of the right foundation/building blocks for initiating, executing transformation programs

Infosys' Role

Five clear objectives were laid out for Infosys by the client

  1. Achieve an industry- leading cost structure
  2. Shift delivery ownership to partner to allow a focus on core competence
  3. Leverage synergies between editorial and IT skills
  4. Align IT spend with business objectives
  5. Consolidate and integrate various vendors and processes to a single vendor

Infosys' Solution

The Infosys solution emphasized a holistic view of content, re-examining strategy, engineering and process

Infosys’ Solution


Operational Excellence
  • Increased cost savings by fully leveraging the global delivery model
  • Committed productivity improvements of 15-21% over a 5-year duration
  • Assured service quality through well defined service level measures supported by rewards/penalty
  • Demonstrated continuous improvements
Managed serviced model
  • Ownership of the execution and associated risks to deliver to the business objectives
  • End-to-end view and complete ownership of the business problems
  • Demonstrated continuous improvements
  • Increased adoption of best practices, tools
  • More and better metrics to provide a good handle of the engineering and operations
  • Building blocks and organizational alignment for transformation
  • STAR initiatives to take ideas to business case/evaluate newer technologies
  • Identify and execute small scale transformation
  • Partner in defining the strategy and executing to large scale transformation

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