White Papers

The insurance advisor of the future

Imagine getting insurance advice from a bunch of mathematical algorithms, aka a robo-advisor! What seemed ridiculous a couple of years back has quietly evolved and entered areas long regarded immune ...


Emerging trends in insurance – role of loss control engineering

When soft market margins are under pressure, carriers usually look upon loss control engineering (LCE) to provide confidence on the quality of risk. With evidence of hardening in insurance markets, ...


Workers’ compensation insurance industry prospective

The workers’ compensation insurance industry, due to its intrinsic complexity coupled with recession, is on the cusp. Rising medical costs and claims force underwriters to either accept...


Commercial insurance: Coming of age for automated underwriting

The benefits of automating commercial underwriting have been much debated over the last few years. It promises higher underwriting productivity, faster cycle times, and...


How to decrease cost, increase efficiency, and strengthen relationships when the going gets rocky

The property and casualty (P&C) insurance business is going through some difficult times. With unpredictable climatic change, the world over, the last few quarters have seen rates harden and ratios...


Procurement Outsourcing - Trends, Challenges, Benefits and a Road Map for Implementation

Procurement outsourcing is gaining importance due to its ability to impact operations across an organization. Infosys' experts discuss the trends in procurement outsourcing, the functions within procurement that lend themselves to the global delivery model, and...


Why Business Process Outsourcing will Grow in Europe

Europe is an emerging market for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), says Michel de Zeeuw, Vice President and Executive Client Partner and Member of Infosys BPM Executive Committee. He believes that companies in Europe...


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