White Papers

Planning for the golden years

A fabulous retirement is every worker’s paradise. Most of us aspire to successfully move from work-life to home-life. But the big question of ‘funding resources’ looms large for a successful retirement – am I on ...


Is blockchain technology the latent locus for the future of insurance?

Insurance is a contract of ‘utmost good faith’. Therefore, information symmetry and trust management are the core requirements for sustainability of the business. But the changes in today’s demographics and the growth in digital interfaces have led to ...


The insurance advisor of the future

Imagine getting insurance advice from a bunch of mathematical algorithms, aka a robo-advisor! What seemed ridiculous a couple of years back has quietly evolved and entered areas long regarded immune ...


Workers’ compensation insurance industry prospective

The workers’ compensation insurance industry, due to its intrinsic complexity coupled with recession, is on the cusp. Rising medical costs and claims force underwriters to either accept...


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