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The ecommerce space is a highly competitive one with businesses competing for consumer eyeballs, clicks, market share, and superior user experience. In such a scenario, it’s imperative for businesses in this space to constantly strive at improving their operational and business metrics.

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Infosys BPM eCommerce Services and Digital Store solution

We live in exciting times as a plethora of choices are available at our fingertips. The possibilities are limited only by one’s imagination, with ‘digital’ becoming a way of life. As businesses offer superior user experience, digital marketplace has enabled them to directly engage with customers, be a part of the customer experience (CX) journey and, more importantly, sell products and services.

In today’s new normal, all businesses are keen on ‘being more digital’ across the entire CX journey, and the changing times have also highlighted how ‘digitisation’ has future-proofed many businesses and enabled them to engage with their customers at various points of their journey — wherever they are. In such a scenario, it’s imperative for businesses existing in the digital marketplace to constantly strive at improving their operational and business metrics.

Operational challenges in a digital store

Businesses face multiple challenges and questions when it’s about a ‘quick launch’ of a sustainable Digital Store solution. Launching a Digital Store is more than digital and technology problem, in what areas (a) should a brand accelerate digital investments (b) several business and operational challenges exist and (c) impacts multiple business functions. So, while businesses are focusing on a quick launch, it’s critical to ensure that we create a foundation for a long-term digital journey!

Businesses operating a Digital Store typically face several challenges in their day-to-day operations. These range from outdated legacy processes, to delayed responses to customer queries, limited ROIs from campaigns, and so on. Businesses also need to answer several questions, such as:

Operational challenges in a digital store
  • What should be my D2C business strategy? Do I sell the product to the customers directly or do I opt for a B2B2C model?
  • How do I build a strategic entry quickly and embark on a long-term sustainable roadmap?
  • What products and offerings do I sell in the digital store? Do I need to digitise all products or only a few of them?
  • What are product complexities, configurations, contracts, pricing, and nuances to keep in mind while embarking on the D2C journey?
  • How do I run the digital store as well as manage commerce operations and the support centre?

Engage with customers directly

Our ecommerce service and solution

Infosys BPM has designed an ingenious ecommerce solution for such businesses and brands that want to launch their Digital Store, a solution that is quick, has minimal fuss, and tackles various challenges from the get-go.

Here are the three propositions of our Digital Store solution:

  • Digital D2C Store:

    Suitable for businesses that prefer to reach their customers directly.
  • Digital B2B2C Store:

    Suitable for businesses that prefer to reach their customers through their dealers and distributors.
  • Digital B2B Store:

    Suitable for businesses that prefer to reach their business customers through their dealers and distributors.

Apart from these three propositions, the solution could be tailor-made for businesses that want to expand or improve their current D2C store footprint.

Our Digital Store is a holistic solution that combines best-of-breed technology tools, analytical models, and ML-led automations to deliver superior user experience and operations framework, impacting multiple business functions and ensuring a strong foundation for a long-term digital journey.

In addition, we also offer several options for enabling the Digital Store:

  • Help build and launch a market-ready Digital Store in 12 weeks.
  • Run the Digital Store — business operations and customer care — once we go-live.
  • Customise the solution based on digital maturity of the current business.

Solution areas

We are experienced in handling Digital Store operations for major businesses and offer end-to-end solutions in areas such as:

  • Launching the Digital Store from the ground up and by intent, geo/category/segment, engagement model/dealer role-play, product mix, pricing, logistics/pick-n-pack, shipping, online storefront features, customer support model, returns, spares, services, etc.
  • Creating a marketing strategy to promote the Digital Store and increase digital footfalls.
  • Planning and implementing digital integrations and legacy service readiness.

Our platforms and tools

To support Digital Store operations, we leverage several market-leading e-commerce platforms and tools such as:

  • Adobe Magento
  • Salesforce Commerce
  • Oracle Commerce
  • SAP Hybris
  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • WooCommerce

Additionally, we help businesses in e-commerce operations with our in-house tools and platforms, such as:

  • Infosys Equinox
  • AssistEdge
  • TradeEdge
  • Infosys Nia
  • Infosys Enterprise Cognitive Platform (iECP)

Our expertise in ecommerce services

We have deep-rooted digital commerce capability operating in this space over the past 5+ years and our operations team has managed 10+ million SKUs, supported 500+ e-tailers in 30+ languages, and 1+ million product pages for e-commerce businesses worldwide, handling over 10+ billion orders processed and fulfilled annually.

We have helped businesses to deliver remarkable e-commerce experience with:

  • 25% reduction in product returns.
  • 30% improvement in productivity.
  • 35% faster time to market.
  • 35% reduction in order cycle time.
  • 40% reduction in total cost of operations (TCO).
  • 100% brand-compliant self-serve catalog operations.

Apart from the aforementioned offerings, our Digital Center of Excellence has developed a robust framework to deliver the commerce operations in a utility model, enabling us to kick start in quick time and scale the operations in a seamless manner. We have a 1,000+ strong Infosys Experience Design (IXD) design studio, which is comprised of digital strategists, UX/UI designers, data scientists, domain SMEs, technology consultants, and content producers to help businesses in delivering excellent customer experience, increased footfalls, and increasing revenues in the e-commerce sector.

Our business capabilities

A typical digital store operation involves a complex array of management, compliance, and support. At Infosys BPM, we can offer these business services across the entire spectrum of ecommerce operations.

  • Migration of data from legacy systems to ecommerce platforms.
  • Detailing product description and specifications (price, SKUs, MFGs, part number, image, etc.).
  • Product information management such as categorisation, indexing, archiving, and metadata tagging.
  • Creative services, product image optimisation, retouching, and validation.

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