Infosys BPM, a catalyst for Philips' growth in Latin America

Infosys partnered with Philips Latin America in a greenfield outsourcing project to transform its accounting, fiscal and procurement processes. The engagement leveraged our mature global partnership to create value and deliver tangible results.

At The Hackett Group’s Annual Best Practices Conference 2010, Ronald Eikelenboom, Vice President and CFO, Philips do Brasil Ltda, discussed the benefits of Infosys’ people-focused, transparent and quality-driven approach:

  • Enabled product and process innovation
  • Achieved a variable cost structure
  • >Tansformed the accounting and planning processes
  • Ensured migration from legacy systems in less than six months
  • Improved procurement metrics
  • Reduced costs

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Reproduced with the permission of Philips do Brasil Ltda

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