Today, the business process management (BPM) industry supports digital manufacturing by bringing together enterprise IT systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and product lifecycle management (PLM) for planning and management, computer-aided design (CAD) software for product design and programmable CNC machines on the shop floor seamlessly integrated with 3D visualization, simulation, and analytics-based decision making. This provides the capabilities to manage multiple global factories from one central location. All standardized and repeatable engineering processes, for e.g., CAD migration, FEA meshing, and technical publishing are now being managed by BPM partners.

Infosys BPM with its knowledge and experience in the engineering domain, diverse workforce, and global presence, is the first choice for such collaborations.


Our Offerings

  • CAD modeling and CAE meshing
  • Data migration and legacy conversions (2D to 3D)
  • Detailing and drafting
  • Change / release management
  • Product configuration management
  • Defining part attributes in PDM
  • BOM cost management and cost analytics
  • Engineering change documentation
  • Functional and software testing

  • Creating technical, regulatory & safety content, illustrations, animations and diagrams in a specific format to publish manuals for use by manufacturing plant and customer support stakeholders
  • Authoring, Illustrating, Style sheet development, Quality review, Publishing, Digital data delivery, Version control & Platform support

  • Production support activities - L1and L2, especially in PDM areas
  • Training material preparation / process documentation work
  • Data migration activities and system admin

  • UI and Functional Testing
  • Automated test execution and reporting
  • Documentation, Reports (daily, weekly as required)
  • Creation and Maintenance of support/user manuals

  • Daily error log administration and coordination
  • Creating Bill of Material (EBOM/ MBOM), product specifications and master data for NPI
  • Engineering change management (Create ECO/ECN to raise change request, get it reviewed and approved, update affected data) transactions in PDM for new product launches and existing parts
  • Analyzing and resolving errors due to integration issues between PLM and ERP systems in a new product delivery process.
  • Administration (role assignment) of tasks in a new product delivery process
  • Perform transactions defined in workflow tasks worksheet to execute activities at different gates(Milestones) of new product development cycle(NPI)

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