After-Sales Offering


After-sales service is a strategically important area as it involves direct interaction with the customer. Does it play a pivotal role in your enterprise, in improving the efficiency of revenue-enhancing initiatives? Does it have a substantial impact on customer satisfaction and consequently on the re-purchase rate of your products/services? With organizations moving from “customer service” to customer experience, we believe after-sales support plays a pivotal role in customer loyalty, which, in turn, results in profitable revenue growth.


Focus Areas

After-sales service is part of every brand’s promise, but it is not without its challenges:

  • Sub-optimal supply chain operations leading to decreased revenue from services and dissatisfied customers
  • Low conversion rates from warranty-to-service contracts.
  • Poor visibility of installed base resulting in delayed service, increased costs and poor CSAT
  • Delay in identifying product quality issues that lead to damaged channel relationships and brand image
  • Delay in contract renewals
  • Disparate systems requiring extensive collaboration.
  • Poor adjudication of warranty claims leads to increased cost (meaning companies may not have adequate staff/right staff to assess the warranty claim correctly. IBPM can bring in that focus)
  • Sub-optimal planning effort for warranty support resulting in increased warranty costs (this points towards inventory optimization effort – companies may not have the bandwidth to analyze historical data and gain insights into MTBF (mean time between failures), etc. for various parts, resulting in excesses/shortages of parts in the inventory)

Range of Services

Our dedicated team of experts collaborate with you to provide these specialized offerings:

Warranty Management solution

We leverage an end-to-end solution approach that addresses your warranty challenges involving people, process, and technology. Our solution provides you with a collaborative methodology that integrates the following:

  • Claims management
  • Dealer management
  • Supplier recovery
  • Financial management
  • Warranty analytics

Service Revenue Management solution

We adopt a comprehensive approach to assist you in optimizing service revenue management. Our solution encompasses the complete lifecycle of a contract and also includes management of base data and analytical reporting. The five components of our solution include:

  • Monitoring installed base activity
  • Confirming installed base changes and updating contracts
  • Creating contracts and renewing processes
  • Maintaining software license agreements
  • Creating pro-forma service invoices for time and material (T&M) work

Service Parts Management solution

Our holistic solution integrates with your organization’s ecosystem, helping unlock significant value through the uplift of service revenues and prevention of revenue leakage. We perform sensitivity analysis, monitor the entire value chain, and provide efficient service supply networks

Inventory Optimization in Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO) solution

Our cloud-based technology and innovative sales service delivery models ensure that your organization cuts total cost of ownership (TCO) related to operations, reduces working capital, and decreases stock-outs

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