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Supply Chain Fulfillment offering

Do fulfillment operations comprise a major chunk of your supply chain, involving interaction with several stakeholders? Nothing pleases customers more than receiving orders at the right time and right place. Therefore, order fulfillment has a critical impact on the consumer’s buying experience. This is where Infosys BPM sets itself apart. With our unique supply chain offering, we address critical aspects of both supply chain planning and execution in a comprehensive manner.

Focus areas
The major supply chain fulfillment challenges within an organization include:

  • Poor demand and inventory visibility
  • High cost of logistics
  • Inaccurate forecasting
  • Lack of coordination between demand and supply value chains
  • Poor management of product returns and asset recovery
  • Obsolescence and shrinkage of inventory
  • Bullwhip effect along the supply chain

Range of Services

We support core functions in forward and reverse logistics to minimize your investment in working capital, enhance customer satisfaction, and minimize revenue leakage. The services offered cover all phases, right from the planning up to return phase.

Solution portfolio - from planning to returns phase 

Supply chain visibility (SCV) solution

Realizing the need for an integrated view of supply chain operations, we have developed a supply chain visibility (SCV) solution that provides you with a dashboard of inventory-related KPI. It supports root-cause analysis and enables collaborative decision-making and resolution tracking.

Supply chain visibility solution dashboard for inventory-related KPI 

Business outcomes
The benefits your organization can accrue with our transformational fulfillment solutions include:

  • Standardization / centralization of supply chain processes across regions, resulting in reduced days sales of inventory (DSI)
  • Administration of trade-offs between inventory and logistics costs, and trade-offs pertaining to inventory and on-time delivery
  • Real-time optimization of the supply chain due to greater visibility and control
  • Identification of trends based on order inputs, leading to accurate master production schedule (MPS) and improved forecast accuracy
  • Efficient utilization of investments in infrastructure and technology

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