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Service Offerings

Pre-sales offering

Infosys BPM Pre-sales offering helps you maximize the efficacy of opportunity and sales management life cycles. It is one of our key focus areas and particularly gains importance during economic downturns due to increased focus on sales cost optimization. Our solution focuses on cost reduction and revenue-enhancing initiatives, helping us build a highly effective sales organization for clients like you.

Focus areas
Our aim is to create and deploy services that address a wide range of business challenges in the pre-sales space. For instance, the following are some of the primary issues that we tackle:

  • Reduced customer-facing time for sales force in activities including proposal and lead management
  • Complex sales compensation programs – manual processes, multiple crediting engines with overlay crediting rules, variance in organization structure and processes, problems with data quality, and people dependency
  • Limited governance and rigor in tracking leads
  • Lack of focused support on account information, pricing information, and account rationalization

Range of Services

Our dedicated team of experts collaborate with you to provide these specialized offerings:

Targeted marketing
  • Generate target lists for given sector and region
  • Research potential target firms (SWOT and financial analysis)
  • Manage database and cleansing
  • Track status, conversion rates, and management
  • Prioritize based on profitability and potential
  • Analyze wins and losses
Proposal management
  • Provide account planning support
  • Customize internal / external presentation material for customer issues
  • Overview of customer, analysis of customer / product profitability, SWOT analysis, and customer credit analysis
  • Overview of products – high level comparison with competitor offering
  • Respond to RFI, proposal query for information – repository of common questions
  • Manage proposal documentation
  • Model ROI and business case for key business decisions
Customer management
  • Maintain a world-class, post-sales service program
  • Manage prospect / customer information, update prospect / customer interactions
  • Personalize customer servicing
  • Integrate sales and service by capturing customer interactions
Marketing and campaign management
  • Measure and manage all channel promotional activities
  • Develop key messages / design relevant content
  • Follow up with and contact interested customers
  • Profile and segment customers
  • Track campaigns, response, conversion modeling
Administrative support
  • Manage sales quota, sales budget, incentives
  • Handle all correspondence and organize contacts / appointments for sales executives
  • Create different MIS reports

Business outcomes
Our wide range of services provide the following primary benefits:

  • Cost optimization of sales and opportunity
  • Increase in customer-facing time for sales force
  • Improvement in throughput of proposal and quote generation
  • Accuracy in computation and crediting of sales incentives
  • Empowerment of sales teams to make informed decisions
Improving top-line and bottom-line performance 

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