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The new order in order management

Today, supply chain is experiencing rapid changes. With changes in supply chain process, the order management process has also undergone significant variations. Today’s customers are smarter, technology savvy, and want more from service providers. Service ...


Connecting the BPO dots: Scope and shape of the digital BPO

Traditional BPO services such as F&A, customer service, S&P, and HRO were some of the dots that made up the BPO picture. However, the ‘digital’ wave is now becoming an increasingly important dot to connect to ...


Hiding in Plain Sight :The value of installed base knowledge and its challenges

Installed base knowledge is one of the foundational "keys to the kingdom" of excellence in CRM. It directly influences customer interactions, service revenue, and service delivery and planning. Base knowledge also enables the evolvement of product strategy and its accuracy is vital ...


Moving the Needle in Order Management Outsourcing

The traditional practice of executing discrete, offshoreable components of a process through a third party outsourcing provider has proven to be sufficient in...


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