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Infosys BPM offerings for investment banking

Manage growth efficiently with operational stability

After recovering from the economic downturn of 2008–09, the global investment banking industry has seen growth in securities trading and merger and acquisition activity at a global scale. Even as investment banking firms expand their global operations, they need a partner who can infuse these operations with new efficiencies while they focus on core competencies. Infosys BPM is this trusted and collaborative partner.

Challenges and opportunities

  • A changing regulatory landscape: We can help you keep pace with the complex operational needs of regulations such as Dodd–Frank and cost-basis reporting requirements.
  • Increased focus on risk management: Infosys BPM has service offerings that improve the effectiveness of know your customer (KYC) activities and trade surveillance.
  • Cost reduction: Leverage our global talent pools, flexible operational models, and comprehensive BPM services to reduce your cost of operations.

Our offerings

Over a decade of delivering operational excellence for investment banking clients, Infosys BPM has built industry-leading expertise to service complex needs across asset classes such as cash equities and derivatives, and shared services functions like reconciliations, reference data and brokerage.

Infosys BPM offerings for investment banking

The Infosys BPM advantage

In addition to global delivery, a high degree of scalability, and operational excellence in process management, our differentiators as a service provider to investment banks include:

  • Operating models that are the ‘right fit’ for investment banks: These include lift and shift, utility models with gain share, and assisted captive models.
  • Infosys Brokerage Payables and Receivables Management: We have created a cost-effective brokerage management platform solution customized for investment banking operations. With Infosys Brokerage Payables and Receivables Management, you realize outcomes such as accuracy, efficiency, single-window processing, and actionable insights from analytics.

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  • Technology solutions for reconciliations and workflow management: Infosys has strategic alliances with leading reconciliation vendors to service our investment banking clients. We have also developed proprietary tools such as OEMS, which is a workflow management tool for investment banking back- and middle-office functions.
  • Domain expertise across investment banking functions: Having worked closely with investment banks since our inception, we understand the operational dynamics and complexities of your processes and the markets you operate in. To ensure this understanding cascades through our talent pool, we invest in training and certifying our resources across different functional areas in investment banking.

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