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Infosys BPM offerings for retail brokerage and wealth management

Differentiate your services with excellence in technology, compliance and operations

The rebalancing of global wealth is a trend that will earmark the next decade. While the US and Europe will continue to be primary markets, emerging economies will present new opportunities for wealth managers. At the same time, they must address increased competition, compliance, and client demands for transparency.

On the agenda for retail brokerage and wealth management firms are three priorities. One, focus on technology for a superior, differentiated client experience. Two, invest in compliance and controls. Three, reduce operational cost through process excellence and the right outsourcing strategy. Infosys BPM helps retail brokerage and wealth management firms enhance their capabilities in all three priority areas by providing thought leadership as well as highly relevant technology and outsourcing solutions and services.

Challenges and opportunities

  • Staying on top of regulatory changes: We can help you with enhanced capabilities in know your customer (KYC) reviews, anti-money laundering (AML), and cost basis reporting.
  • Shrinking assets and profitability pressure: With lower asset levels and client activity as well as an ever increasing cost base, outsourcing can help you manage costs effectively and focus on your core competencies.
  • A hyper-competitive marketplace with increased consolidation: Adopting new technologies is imperative to stay ahead of the pack.

Our offerings

Infosys BPM offerings for retail brokerage and wealth management

We have significant experience in servicing retail brokerage and wealth management firms across functions – including client on-boarding, fund administration and accounting, corporate action, trade management, trust services, KYC and AML services, cost basis reporting, custody reconciliations, and mutual fund operations.

The Infosys BPM advantage

In addition to advantages of global delivery, a high degree of scalability, and operational excellence in process management, our differentiators as a service provider include:

  • Operating models that are the ‘right fit’ for retail brokerage and wealth management firms: These include lift and shift, utility models with gain share, and assisted captive models.
  • Technology solutions and workflow management: Our services are augmented by our proprietary technology solutions such as the Infosys Customer On-boarding Platform, an integrated solution to optimize activities from customer data capture and due diligence to entitlement and risk monitoring. Our portfolio also includes is a workflow solution for cost basis reporting services, and the Cost Basis Case Management System’.

    Read more about Infosys Customer On-boarding Platform and Cost Basis Case Management System

  • Deep domain expertise: Having worked with top-tier retail brokerage and wealth management firms, our talent is well versed in the complexities of your middle- and back- office functions. We have also made significant investment to train and certify our talent in different functional areas in wealth and investment management.

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