Driving business results through a Finance and Accounting Orchestration (FAO) model

The world around us is changing at a rapid pace and so are F&A outsourcing trends. The global business environment is undergoing a transformation unlike any other, spurred on by economic, demographic, regulatory, and technological forces. Never has it been more important to be nimble than in these tumultuous times. Traditional asset-heavy corporations look slow and inflexible when compared to asset-light innovative companies, and demonstrating further proof of an aversion to physical assets, cloud services are here to stay. Recessions, the rise of big data, and a general increase in complexity have all prompted CEOs to turn to their finance organizations for the navigation needed to survive. These forces are putting significant pressure on the office of the CFO to be more efficient, agile, integrated, and business aligned – in other words – to do more with less. The future of finance and accounting is expected to move beyond financial controls and compliance, and become a strategic contributor by enabling business outcomes.

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