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Clearer reporting on emissions, for clearer skies

When Phoebe Butler, the Global Logistics Manager at a global FMCG giant, noticed her team struggling to create accurate emission reports for the organisation’s decarbonisation initiative, she turned to Infosys BPM for help. This case details how Infosys BPM standardised data collection processes for a vast network of over 185 distribution centres, developed an organised reporting framework, and optimised logistics operations. The outcomes were impressive: carbon emissions cut by 13%, distance travelled reduced by 3.35 Mn KM, and 35% of fulfilment centre energy consumption transitioned to renewable sources.

Approach summary:

  • Created a unified data source
  • Templatised data structure and formats
  • Streamlined reporting activities
  • Developed intuitive dashboards
  • Migrated customer database to 360 Platform
  • Ensured reporting compliance
  • Optimised logistics across different transport modes

Key benefits:

  • 13% reduction in CO2 emissions
  • 3.35 Mn KM reduction in distance travelled
  • 35% of energy consumption from renewable sources