Reining in spend leakages through data analysis and database synchronization


Infosys BPM helped an American telecom giant plagued with massive spend leakages, cut losses and gain a 90x return on investment. The client has a massive supply chain with a few gaps in the procure-to-pay (P2P) process, which led to spend leakages and overpayments to suppliers. With a lack of visibility in the process, the client was unaware of the scale of these losses. Infosys BPM used its sourcing & procurement expertise along with robust analytics tools to help the client deep dive into their spends to identify leakages, analyze the cause of leakage, and take preventive action to avoid losses. With Infosys BPM’s transformative solution, the client realized an error-proof procurement process with the correct matching of contracts and purchase orders along with real-time price updates. With adept data collection, synchronized database, and comprehensive analysis helped the client reduce spend leakages, amounting to the tune of more than $10 Mn.

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