Business Transformation Services


Business Transformation Services

Transform your processes. Transform your business.

Do your processes help you achieve your business goals? Or are your processes actually starting to limit these goals? In today's complex multi-geography operational landscape, your process limitations could make you less agile - curtailing your competitive edge. And retooling your processes in pockets may not produce results. What you need is a transformation partner who understands your processes and catalyzes change - by drafting a holistic model that weaves together operations, strategy, technology, and business goals. A partner who sees the 'bigger picture'.

How we deliver business value

The Business Transformation Services practice follows a five-step approach in enabling clients to transform their processes more effectively and efficiently while implementing continous process improvements. Our five-step approach typically kicks off with a diagnosis led by the Infosys Business Value Framework (BVF). This is followed by defining future state processes and the right operating model, establishing the model, and managing process performance. This practitioner-led consulting approach leverages our repository of proven tools and frameworks.

The Business Transformation Services practice helps you make five essential shifts to unlock transformation opportunities: disparate processes to standardized processes, fit-the-gap operating models to best-fit operating models, technology as an enabler to technology as a multiplier, process metrics to business metrics, and static knowledge to dynamic knowledge.

Business Transformation Processes & Framework 

Our approach has been recognized in industry forums, for example using our Business Value Framework, we drafted an operational strategy roadmap for our client and won an award for 'BPO Innovation of the Year'

Our business transformation service offerings

Our focus areas span most business functions and specific industry verticals. You can engage our function and domain specific practices and/or leverage our expertise for three integrated offerings within Infosys Business Transformation Services:

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