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An Outcome-based Approach to Procurement Outsourcing

Procurement outsourcing must focus on sustainable process transformation rather than cost reduction through labor arbitrage. Companies can realize its potential by adopting an alternative service model that requires minimum capital investment for deployment, according to Infosys' expert.

In an article in Global Services Media, our expert discusses how procurement outsourcing can effect a transformation. The efficiency of process management can be enhanced through controls and discipline, while strategic sourcing and contractual buying enable effective spend management. He proposes a Source-to-Pay platform that ensures sustainable savings through streamlined procurement processes, spend control, reduced total cost of ownership, and strategic sourcing.

Published with permission of Global Service Media


Gurjeet S. Tuteja

Gurjeet S. Tuteja
Head, Source-to-Pay Platform group, Infosys BPM

Gurjeet has more than 16 years of experience in supply chain outsourcing, technology implementations and pre-sales. He has managed several supply chain engagements for clients, mostly in North America. He has helped them realize technology-led business transformation through accelerated outsourcing solutions.He can be reached at

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