Robotic Process Automation

Solution Components

Infosys Robotics Process Automation (RPA) Components

  • Drowning in a sea of paperwork? Put our Data Extraction and Enrichment component to work and eliminate manual effort altogether.
  • Toggling too many windows for information? The RPA Smart User Environment will automate information aggregation and give you the unified view you seek.
  • Tired of making each report a masterpiece? Automate it with RPA Reporting & Insights to get errorless stats on your dashboard along with decisive insights.
  • Processing more queries than transactions? You don’t have to anymore, thanks to our Auto Query Resolution component. Diagnosis and resolution is intelligent, intuitive and instant.

Infosys RPA components blend the precision that clients need for a process and the intelligence that is required to take automation to the next level. The best part about Infosys RPA is you optimize automation capabilities with a comprehensive process control framework.

Features of the Infosys RPA components

With RPA, you're armed with process control at three levels: Monitoring performance of an individual robot, monitoring performance at the process level (e.g., AHT, time taken for each task), and finally control tower capabilities that enable managing RPA-enabled processes including remote starting and stopping of an individual robot. The automation and control capabilities put together are a compelling combination to deliver value for our customers.

Infosys RPA components

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