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Reimagining the Supply Chain in a Digital World

Successful supply chains of the future would exhibit highly coordinated, digitized operations with greater visibility across the supply chain value network, proactive customer experience management, ...


Next-Gen Procurement – Combining Digital with Design Thinking

The digital renaissance is extensively reshaping businesses today. Going digital is crucial for procurement as it evolves into a...


Driving excellence together: Integrating the accounts payable and procurement functions

The accounts payable (AP) and procurement functions are two sides of the same coin. What can make these functions deliver outstanding results is ...


Crude prices sink but airfares don’t land yet

Crude oil prices are sliding steadily and have dropped as much as 48 percent in the last six months. However, air travelers have not been able to reap benefits by way of lower ...


Simplifying procurement in the pharmaceutical marketplace

Increased regulatory demands and growing pricing scrutiny have pushed the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry to explore options to reduce their cost base and simplify overall business operations. Hence, the concept of outsourcing ...


Strategic supplier management - trump card to business growth and success

Supplier management is a strategic and fast growing domain in procurement. From a supplier performance monitoring activity - it has become a strategic and innovative function. Today, many ...


Seven essential ingredients for an agile and future-proof procurement function

Enterprises expect their procurement function to be always ready for change and transformation, which are considered complex and difficult programs to execute. However, a new breed of enterprises are building their procurement functions to be always ready for ...


Supply chain financing: A road less travelled

To balance conflicting objectives of increasing cash at disposal and not stretching suppliers’ days sales outstanding (DSO), enterprises need to implement programs like supply chain financing (SCF)....


Redefining low cost country sourcing – international purchasing offices on the horizon

Business ecosystems are becoming increasingly competitive because of which pressure on margins are growing by the quarter. Organizations are looking to ‘source’ their tasks to geographies...


Procurement outsourcing in pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry was once the envy of the global business community. However, with increased regulatory and pricing pressures, pharma is now grappling with...


The new paradigm in procurement

As companies pursue sustainable high performance, a new operating model is emerging on the horizon; one that forges partnerships to complement internal resources and capabilities. This paper explores the need...


The dynamics of marketing procurement

In many companies, marketing is still the last holdout area as far as engaging procurement is concerned. What does it take to be a true business partner to your colleagues in marketing? This paper...


The long and short of managing tail spend

This white paper explores the least focused but significantly important area of any organization’s spend management – tail spend / low value spend management. Various factors...


Risk and compliance management in software procurement

The most difficult challenges faced by CIOs and CPOs around the world are avoiding risks and eliminating compliance issues in software procurement...


The Importance of a Supply Chain Perspective in Procurement Decisions

Challenges in the operating environment are likely to be intensified causing economic austerity in sourcing and procurement before long. Experts are now...


Cost Reduction Strategies in the Supply Chain of MRO Items

Today, only a handful of manufacturing companies have the expertise, information, and tools to effectively manage the sourcing of parts used in maintenance, repair, operation, and overhaul (MRO). In this whitepaper, published...

Published with permission of Supply & Demand Chain Executive


Vitrified Tiles for the Sourcing Executives

A sourcing executive's product knowledge is an important parameter for the effective sourcing of any item. In this whitepaper published by the Sourcing Interests Group, Infosys'...

Published with permission of the Sourcing Interests Group (SIG)


Procurement Outsourcing: Trends, Challenges, Benefits and a Roadmap for Implementation - Part 2

Despite economic instability, there is a continuing increase in service provider capabilities and a growing interest in Procurement Outsourcing. The growth of emerging economies, low availability of trained supply management...

Published with permission of Technology Partners International, Inc.


Procurement Outsourcing: Trends, Challenges, Benefits and a Road Map for Implementation - Part 1

Procurement outsourcing is gaining importance due to its ability to impact operations across an organization. Infosys' experts discuss the trends in procurement outsourcing, the functions within procurement that lend...


Sourcing Strategies while Buying Cables in a Recessionary Market

Infosys' expert shares a successful sourcing strategy by discussing a real life case of electrical cables procurement. He demonstrates how to achieve cost savings through right sourcing, linking price to raw materials price movement and reducing the Total Cost of Ownership.

Reproduced with the permission of the Sourcing Interests Group (SIG)


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