Communications Service Providers

Service Offerings

CSP Offerings:
Wireline | Wireless | Cable

Communications Service Providers

Data Cleansing
  • Data Enrichment: Link customer data to service data and network inventory
  • Cost Leakage: Invoice audits of AP/ AR to/ from other LECs
  • Data Inconsistencies: Clean data inconsistencies between different data sources and data refresh

Fault Management

  • Fault diagnostics
  • Fault repair helpdesk
  • Field staff appointments
Local Number Portability
  • Our experience in providing services to Communication Service Providers globally enables us to provide Local Number Portability

Access Management

  • Process IXC requests/ orders

Cable Protection Management

  • Cable disconnect protection

Billing & Collections

  • Billing enquiries
  • Dispute management
  • Collections
  • Cash applications
  • Credit management
  • Suspense account/ Unapplied cash management
  • Network Access Cost Management

Convergent Billing

  • Convergent billing: One bill to the customer

Directory Services

  • Customer details validation
  • Yellow Page directory content creation
  • Ad creation for advertisers

Enterprise Portal Management

  • Entertainment content: Repurposing entertainment content and making it available on the portal for download

Order Management

  • Order processing
  • Order provisioning and fulfillment: Installation/ Disconnection of lines
  • Order validation (Compliance check)
  • Quote management

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