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Goodbye disconnections; hello savings

Richard Brown, the Head of the Customer Services & Operations unit at a global IT and telecom company, had been incurring unnecessary expenditures due to ‘missed disconnections’ for decades. Read on to find out how after partnering with Infosys BPM, Richard was able to bolster the effectiveness of his operations with the implementation of a neat RPA solution, reducing missed disconnections to under 2%, while also realising annual savings of over $3 Mn.

Approach summary:

  • Mapped end-to-end process flow to serve as a checklist.
  • Deployed RPA as a control mechanism.
  • Created a compliance dashboard.
  • Set up a strong governance framework.

    Key benefits:

  • Reduced missed disconnections from 18% to under 2%
  • Realised savings worth over $3 Mn annually
  • Avoided extra costs worth $950k