The Workplace of Tomorrow

How do you create a workplace that’s clued into the future? By recognizing and acting on five trends that will serve as gridlines in the new HR blueprint.


Make sure your pasture is the greenest. Your talent could go elsewhere if they don’t have an exciting start-up-like environment that promotes collaboration and multidisciplinary learning. And innovative compensation: how you retain talent will depend on how you reward talent.

Freedom of information access

Today, tweets or intranet portal discussions are viewed as dangerous. But these platforms can actually encourage winning ideas and make work smarter – if you have the right policies and social enterprise software.

The urge to collaborate

To make your enterprise truly connected, start by capitalizing on the ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) trend. Then break down your silos with an enterprise-wide collaboration software, and find a way to increase the cultural and skill diversity of your teams.

Camaraderie and flexibility

Don’t expect your talent to stand on ceremony or boundary. Instead, promote ways of working that lead to a free flow of thought and greater productivity. And let your workplace be fluid – who says your talent can’t close a deal while sipping a pina colada on the beach?

Trust and empowerment

It’s time for HR to don a different hat – don’t be a custodian. Empower your employees with trust and watch as a ‘command-and-control’ environment gives way to an ‘own-and-deliver’ attitude. And make sure you have analytics to understand sentiments and new talent needs.

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