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Hudson CFO: Infosys’ TalentEdge raised us to ‘world-class’ standards

Client: Hudson
Industry: Services

Talent firm uses Infosys TalentEdge for payroll and billing — and finds an unexpected differentiator

Mark Leigh, Hudson Asia Pacific’s Chief Financial Officer, talks about how the Infosys TalentEdge platform has helped Hudson deliver a number of achievements for their payroll and billing system.

“Payroll was a drag on our growth… Today, I have directors of the organization saying we should be marketing it as a differentiator,” he says.

Hudson CFO: TalentEdge raised us to “world-class” standards

Implementing Infosys TalentEdge

“Firstly, in terms of ensuring that our Finance and IT functions are really efficient. From an external benchmarking perspective, our IT function is now ‘world-class’ in terms of Hackett benchmarks and costs per employee. Our Finance function is ‘better than peer group’ in terms of the cost of the function. So from a support perspective, we are in very good shape.”

Optimal level of delivery and accuracy

“From a user perspective, for our contractors and clients, we have a very strong track record of 100% on-time delivery of pays, 99.8% accuracy with a user interface that is market-leading for both clients and contractors. So we have combined the efficiency of the TalentEdge platform with a leading experience for our contractors and clients.”

Transaction costs match revenue trends

“Thirdly, we have been able to ‘variabilize’ our cost space so the cost of our transaction processing now much more closely correlates to our revenue trends. Our revenue goes up, our costs go up but when our revenue comes down, so does the cost and that’s been an important achievement and outcome for this solution.”

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